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Our Technology Nav Freight Inc Transportation is a leader in the transportation industry,


Thanks to our responsible, professional team and cutting-edge GPS mobile communication and mobile
You can also find our Warehousing Solution to logistics around the world
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We are the people to call when you need your shipment to be delivered on time. Our drivers use tracking technology on the drivers and we have speed managers in the truck. All of this is overseen by our solid team of terminal managers and operators, qualified across the board. Our staff is knowledgeable about railroad drayage and route patterns, as well as how to use our drayage equipment properly.
In addition to our primary services, we also provide container storage.
  • Safety and reliable service
  • On - time delivery service
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3 Years of work experience
"I have always found Nav Freight Inc employees to be smart and professional and easy to communicate with. My long experience with Nav Freight Inc accounting has been a good one."

Amandeep K

"Very Good overall experience from the Nav Freight Inc team, they treat you like a partner and provide support where needed"

Jagsir Sidhu

"Nav Freight Inc is a very time-saving solution. People can easily track their package where it has reached or when it will arrive."

Surinder S

  • Reliable Price
    We offer reliable and professional drayage trucking services to help you conveniently ship small and large loads.
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    Our professionals will help you get started by going over all drayage trucking details and establishing an individualized plan that meets your needs.
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    We’ll help you establish the right type of shipping for your items based on your individual needs. Rest easy knowing our drayage company works with loads of all sizes. .

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Helping and providing best service to our client.

Nav Freight Inc is a 21st Century Logistics Company and a leading worldwide provider of transportation, warehousing, global logistics, business intelligence, technology, and supply chain solutions. Known for being cost-effective, our intermodal services provide transportation for goods at prices that won’t break your budget—no matter the size of the load. Learn more about our intermodal shipping options when you call us today.

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